TS-630 – Polished Luma Cleaner


**Product is for pick-up only.  55 Gallon drums and totes can be delivered within a two hour radius.  Please call our offices at 330-753-8394 to see if you’re located within our delivery area


TS-630 is a new revolutionary non-corrosive polished aluminum cleaner designed to be a yet effective cleaner for aluminum surfaces.  TS-630 has no fumes and is environmentally “green”.  In one application it can make polished aluminum look like new.  TS-630 removes tough smoke, carbon, grease, oils, and tough road films.  Does NOT harm glass.  TS-630 is completely non-corrosive and a user friendly polished aluminum cleaner.  TS-630 contains active solvents, wetting agents, and proprietary acids.  TS-630 is completely biodegradable. For more information, contact 3R at 330-753-8394.

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5 Gallon Bucket, 55 Gallon Drum, 275 Gallon Tote