Contractor Hydro Twister: ANT4C


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The Contractor Hydro Twister® is the proven choice for professional surface cleaning…with four tools for your cleaning needs. The Contractor Twister combines a rotary surface cleaner, spot / gum remover, hydro broom, and an edger to create an all-in-one deluxe surface cleaner. The dual trigger guns activate either the rotary spray arm or one of the other three on-board tools. By combining four processes into one unit, you will save time and fatigue when cleaning large expanses of concrete, parking lots or other t surfaces. The secret that makes the Contractor Hydro Twister® so effective is the ideal water spray angles and nozzle heights that optimize cleaning power.

  • onboard edging tool cleans close to planters, columns, and walls or use the water broom to rinse a large area
  • Caster pivot lock allows the operator to choose to lock casters for use in straight lines or unlock for cleaning side-to-side
  • The under-deck spot remover uses a “six-shooter” nozzle to blast away gum or paint
  • Max PSI: 4000
  • GPM: 5.5 – 10
  • Deck: 28″
  • 15 Degree Nozzles
  • Max Temp: 250ºF
  • Unit Weight: 57lbs