Schertz Box – Remote Control Downstream Soap Injection

Schertz Box – Remote Control Downstream Soap Injection

Schertz Box – Remote Control Downstream Soap Injection


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  • Gives you the ability to turn off your soap from up to 500 feet away from your rig!
  • Use your long range & close range soap nozzles for rinsing without having to walk back to your downstream injector to turn off your soap.
  • Works in conjunction with your pressure washer’s downstream injector.
  • Self-cleans your line and downstream injector – resulting in a longer lifespan for your injector
  • Has (1) fresh water line, one SH line, and one line to your downstream injector
  • Includes 6ft of hose per line, 6ft of wire, and 1 remote
  • Instructions for installation of unit are included with the product


  • 12″ L x 8.5″ W x 5.25″ D  (Box Only)
  • Mounting holes are approximately 6.25” center to center horizontally,  10” center to center vertically




  • Q– Can I extend my lines if i need to reach a further tank?
    • A– Absolutely!  Just use a double male barbed connector!  We have customers that have ran 20+ foot of line!
  • Q– How do I know if the box is working?  I’m not drawing soap!
    • A– When you press the A button does the strobe light turn on?  If answered yes, look on the top of the valve and see if the yellow flap is turning 90 degrees with the button being pressed.  If the flap is turning the soap draw, problem is not due to the Schertz Box.  Check filters and try swapping downstream injector.  If the flap does not turn try changing the remote control battery.  If that does not fix it, try reprogramming the remote (instructions below).  If that does not fix it, please send us an email and we will work out correcting the problem!
  • Q– Can I run multiple machines with one unit?
    • A– Yes, however if it is a two-man crew and both washers are hooked to the same box, they will always be on the same process (so one worker with the remote would decide if they are soaping or rinsing)
  • Q– If I have multiple boxes, will they interfere with one another?
    • A– It can, but it is easily fixed!  Just send us an email and we can exchange remotes to makes sure they can be run without interfering.
  • Q– What’s the yellow wire that is not hooked up in my box?
    • A– That little yellow wire changes the strobe flash pattern when touched to a ground.  If you must change the flash pattern, just run a long jumper wire from the negative side of the battery and touch it to the end of the yellow.  Each touch will change the pattern.


  1. Pick a good solid mounting surface and be aware of the antenna (Don’t mount where a ladder or equipment will tear it off).  Included inside the hardware kit (with remote and antenna) are 4 mounting eyelets.  These mount to the back side of the box with supplied screws.  It is highly recommended that you also drill and bolt the box to the trailer and not just rely on the metal eyelets provided.  Some trailers are rough riding and we don’t want the box shaking loose (just be careful not to drill through any wires!).  We also recommend that you mount the box as close to the downstream injector as possible.  That will help with changeover time at the gun as you won’t have as much line to clear out.
  2. After mounting the box, you can hook it up to the battery (12 volt batteries only).  It is recommended that you fuze the system (inline fuze not included).  Red is positive (+) and black is negative (-).  If you need to extend the power wire, just be sure to properly seal the connection points!
  3. Running plumbing: always leave a little extra when trimming the lines.  We are all notorious of shifting tanks and equipment during the season and it’s easier if you have a little extra.  Run the lines to the designated home by referencing the sticker on the bottom of the box.  You can hook the lines to drip tubes or use “cable glands” (size 13.5 on amazon) to secure them through the tops of the tanks.
  4. Programming the remote: The remote that came with your unit should be programmed and ready for use.  But if you ever need to reprogram, it’s easy!  Open the unit and you will see a black box in the top left corner.  On that black box, you will see a hole drilled in the top right.  You can insert a toothpick and press the the program button (press and release – DO NOT HOLD).  Now PRESS AND HOLD the A button on the remote you want to program.  After a few seconds, you should hear the box activate and the valve will rotate.  You are all set!
  5. The antenna needs screwed to the top of the unit.  You will need to remove the protection screw that is placed on for shipping.  Remove the protection screw and screw on the new antenna.  Make sure it’s on firmly and that you haven’t mounted the box where it will get hit by a ladder or other equipment.

**You are now all set!  When you press the A button (strobe flashing), it will be in “soap mode” and will draw from the soap tank.  When you press the B button it sends rinse water to the downstream injector.

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