Steel Eagle Undercarriage Cleaner – 10″ Wheels


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Undercarriage cleaners are ideal for cleaning off dirt, debris, and salt build up from the underside of your vehicles.  This model of undercarriage cleaner is great for bigger trucks and equipment with more clearance under the vehicle itself.  The large wheels on this model allow for the undercarriage cleaner to get closer to the underside of dump trucks, semis, and other heavy equipment.  If you’re looking for a model that fits under standard vehicles, check out our Undercarriage Cleaner with 4″ Wheels!


  • Requires 14.5″ vehicle clearance
  • Easy Handling and maneuverability
  • Front skid plate
  • 10″ wheel assembly with front castor
  • Approximately 24″ of cleaning area


  • Pressure up to 4000 PSI
    Temperatures up to 250º
    Handle Measures: 33.5″- 60″