Review Sweepstakes Rules & Regulations

Sweepstakes Rules, Regulations & Entry Information

How to Enter the Sweepstakes:

  • Make a purchase with us.  There is no minimum or maximum purchase amount.  If you've already purchased something from us in the past, you already qualify!
  • Leave us a review through our SoTellUs link!
    • This can be accessed via a link sent to you via text message or email
    • We can get you setup with our tablet in-store to leave your review (just ask any associate)
    • Or you can access the link by clicking the red button near the bottom of our website (or right at the top of this page) that reads "To Enter Our Sweepstakes, Leave Us A Review Here!"
  • Follow the prompts and submit your review!

**Triple your odds of winning!  If you choose to leave your review through Google, Facebook, and directly on SoTellUs, you'll get three entries into the sweepstakes!


How It Works:

We're looking to actively obtain more reviews!  We firmly believe that reviews are the most reliable way for people you've never met to gauge customer satisfaction.  In an attempt to encourage more reviews, we're offering a tiered give-away until the end of 2022!  You may leave a review (therefore entering yourself into the sweepstakes) from August 24, 2022 until December 31st, 2022 to be considered for the drawing.

  • If we obtain 125 total reviews by December 31st, 2022 through our SoTellUs Link, we will raffle off (on January 3rd, 2023):
    • (1) 21" Mosmatic Stainless Steel Surface Cleaner.
  • If we obtain 250 total reviews by December 31st, 2022 through our SoTellUs Link, we will raffle off (on January 3rd, 2023):
    • (1) 21" Mosmatic surface cleaner AND
    • (1) 12" Aluminum Frame hand-crank TITAN hose reel with a stainless steel manifold
  • If we obtain 400 total reviews by December 31st, 2022 through our SoTellUs Link, we will raffle off (on January 3rd, 2023):
    • (1) 21" Mosmatic surface cleaner AND
    • (1) TITAN Hose Reel AND
    • (1) NEW 300 PSI, 11 GPM Gas Engine Soft Wash with a Honda Engine & Comet P40 Pump OR (1) NEW 3000 PSI, 5 GPM Skid Cold Water Pressure Washer with a Honda engine & General Pump Brand Triplex Plunger Pump OR (1) Credit for $2,000 towards a custom build trailer, custom Deluxe Aluminum Truck Bed Skid Assembly, or custom Aluminum Pallet Assembly done by 3R Sales & Service.

In short, the more reviews we get, the more prizes we will have up for grabs!  So, tell your friends, family, and coworkers about us!


Rules & Regulations:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to be entered into the sweepstakes.
  • Must be a U.S. Resident and live in the contiguous U.S. with the exception of California.
  • Each person can only win ONE prize.
  • The drawings will take place on TUESDAY, JANUARY 3RD and we will post the winner on our social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram). We will also reach out to the winners of the drawings via the email and/or telephone number provided when they left their review to notify them that they have won.  If we do not hear back from the winner within 48 hours to confirm that they received the notification, that person forfeits their prize.  If the number you provided us at the time of your order is no longer a good contact number, please reach out to us and provide us with an updated contact.  
    • The person who is selected for the largest dollar value prize MUST select which one of the three options they'd like (either the soft wash, the pressure washer, or the credit) within 48 HOURS of being notified that they have been selected as a winner for the drawing.  If they do not acknowledge the notification that they have won AND/OR selected which one of the three options they'd like to take within 48 hours of notification, they will forfeit their prize.
      • The $2,000 credit option is valid until December 30th, 2023.   This means that the winner, if they selected this option, will have to have applied this credit and have at least half down on the remainder of the invoiced balance on the custom build of their choice by December 30th, 2023.  After that date, the credit is void.
      • Shipping is NOT included in the sweepstakes.  If you are selected as a winner of a prize and are unable to come and pick up that item within our normal business hours in the month of January 2023, you must either pay shipping & provide a shipping address we can ship the item to within 10 business days of the winners being announced, or you forfeit your prize.  Shipping cost is determined by the location the item is being shipped to and will be calculated when that address is provided by the winner.  You still must contact us within 48 hours to let us know you acknowledge you've been selected for a prize.
  • Prizes are non-transferrable.
  • State identification may be required at item pickup or upon scheduling delivery.




*3R Sales & Service reserves the right to alter rules for this contest for any reason.