3R Sales & Service Financing

Simple and affordable financing for your equipment. Our financing partner has created a 100% digital financing platform to make the process simple for your business.

100% Digital: No printing. No scanning. No faxing. No mailing.

It’s simple to start.


Choose your term: Calculate Your Payments

  • Bakers Dozen: 13 Monthly Payments (lowest total cost)
  • Bestbuy: 24-60 Monthly Payments (lowest monthly payment)

Signatures on your mobile device (or print if preferred):

  • Within one business day of credit approval the signor(s) will receive an email. Open your DocuSign email on your mobile device (or computer) and digitally sign to place your order.
  • Validation: Once signatures are secured, the owner of the business will receive a call from a US based live person to validate the financing transaction and place the order.


Financing Makes Sense For Your Business:

For small to medium size businesses that want to take advantage of new opportunities and growth, our financing solution offers a fast, flexible, budget friendly option:


  • Simple and Fast. One page online credit application. Digital DocuSign contracts accelerate your equipment delivery.
  • Keep Your Cash. Maintain cash so it can be used for other areas of your business, such as expansion, improvements, marketing or R&D.
  • Equipment That Earns Its Keep! When your equipment earns or saves you money each month, a monthly payment let’s it pays for itself!
  • Fixed Rates. While tools like credit cards are built on variable rates (and most likely rising rates) our program lets you hedge against rising interest rates with a fixed monthly payment at today’s low rate.
  • Match Your Budget. Schedule your monthly payments to match your cash flow and business cycle fluctuations.
  • Get More. Acquire more and better equipment than you could without financing
  • Tax Advantages. Reap the benefits of section 179 and other possible tax advantages with our programs. (Please consult with your tax advisor to see if you may qualify for tax advantages.)