Parts Washers

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For over forty years Alkota Cleaning Systems has been making the best cleaning equipment in the world. Our products are engineered and manufactured to give you the best in durability, efficiency and reliability.  With our line of environmentally friendly automatic parts washers, we have the size and model to meet your needs.

Save Time & Money
With an Alkota Parts Washer, you’ll be able to save time and money by cleaning your parts in just minutes. It’s as easy as operating a microwave oven!

Environmentally Friendly
Our washers operate with hot water and biodegradable detergents. This eliminates the need for damaging solvents and aerosol cleaners. What that means to you is minimal disposal costs.
Alkota Parts Washers are good for the environment and your bottom line!


10 Reasons To Use An Alkota Parts Washer:
1. SAFETY: Hot water and biodegradable detergents are safe to work with.
2. COMPACT DESIGN: Our fully self contained washers are about the same size as a solvent tank.
3. FULLY AUTOMATIC: Times cycle allows the user to perform other tasks while parts are washed.
4. CLEANER PARTS: Dirt, oil and grease naturally separate from water. The wash solution remains cleaner and does not redeposit on the parts enhancing quality.
5. OIL SKIMMER: The oil skimmer removes floating petroleum products.
6. TURNTABLE ROTATION: The turntable turns the parts to ensure complete exposure to wash solution resulting in cleaner parts.
7. HAND BRUSH: An optional pump fed hand brush is available for larger parts and special detailing.
8. NATIONWIDE SERVICE: With Alkota you have the support of a large service network.
9. ENVIRONMENT: No dangerous and damaging solvents. Just hot water and biodegradable detergents.
10. BOTTOM LINE: Parts washers take the manual labor out of parts cleaning improving your bottom line!

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For additional information, pricing, or to place an order for a Parts Washer, please contact our office at 330-753-8394.