3R Salt Neutralizer

3R Salt Neutralizer

3R Salt Neutralizer


**55 Gallon drums and totes can be delivered within a two hour radius, but not shipped.  Please call our offices at 330-753-8394 to see if you’re located within our delivery area


Contains a proprietary Salt Crystal Modifier that keeps working to keep salt crystals from forming.

3R Salt Neutralizer was created for vehicle undercarriages but it can be used anywhere where salt’s corrosive tendencies need to be halted. It is compounded with renewable surfactant and safe-to use organic acid. You can confidently use 3R Salt Neutralizer in cold or hot water on most exterior surfaces when used as directed. Safe for incidental contact with Polished Aluminum, Glass, Brass, Painted surfaces and Plastic (but must be rinsed when contact is made on these surfaces).  3R Salt Neutralizer is an environmentally friendly detergent designed to be applied under low pressure and then rinsed with a pressure washer. It will clean and remove salt without damage when used as directed.  Rinsing, however, is optional for undercarriages & concrete.

Application dilution:

  • Apply 1:20

For more information, contact 3R at 330-753-8394.


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5 Gallon Bucket, 55 Gallon Drum, 275 Gallon Tote