3R Truck & Degreaser A/S

3R Truck & Degreaser A/S

3R Truck & Degreaser A/S


**55 Gallon drums and totes can be delivered within a two hour radius, but cannot be shipped.  Please call our offices at 330-753-8394 to see if you’re located within our delivery area


3R Truck & Degreaser A/S is designed to safely clean polished aluminum and painted surfaces of over the road tractors, trailers, and other type commercial vehicles without damage when used as directed.  This product will remove magnetic road film from trailers without brushing.  It will work in cold water as well as hot water, and rinse free at any temperature.

Avoid Use On:

  • Painted Surfaces at Concentrations of Less Than 1:15

*Do not allow to dry on painted surfaces.  Always rinse thoroughly.

Dilution Ratio:

  • For Hot Water Pressure Washers: 1:10

For more information, contact 3R at 330-753-8394.

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5 Gallon Bucket, 55 Gallon Drum, 275 Gallon Tote

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