6’x10′ BLIZZARD: Customizable 10′ Single Axle Enclosed Trailer, 5.5 GPM Cold Washer & 12V 7 GPM Soft Wash

6’x10′ BLIZZARD: Customizable 10′ Single Axle Enclosed Trailer, 5.5 GPM Cold Washer & 12V 7 GPM Soft Wash

6’x10′ BLIZZARD: Customizable 10′ Single Axle Enclosed Trailer, 5.5 GPM Cold Washer & 12V 7 GPM Soft Wash


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**Lead times may vary – standard production of a custom trailer unit takes two weeks.  Please call our office for the most accurate production time 330-753-8394.


The same package as our Blizzard Trailer, but in a 6′ x 10′, v-nose, enclosed trailer!

Listed Price Includes:

  • Trailer
    • 6′ x 10′ Enclosed Single Axle Trailer
    • 2990# GVWR, 2″ Hitch
    • Rear Swinging Doors & Side Door
    • Color: Black
    • V-Nose
  • Trailer Package
    • 55 Gallon Water Tank
      • with fabricated hold-down bands
    • 55 Gallon SH Tank
      • with fabricated hold-down bands
    • 7 Gallon Soap Tank
    • Titan 12″ Aluminum Hand Crank High Pressure Hose Reel
      • Holds max of 300′ of 3/8″ hose
      • Stainless Steel Manifold
      • Comes with 200′ x 3/8″ Gray 4200 PSI High Pressure Hose
    • Titan 12″ Aluminum Hand Crank Inlet Hose Reel
      • Holds max of 100′ of 3/4″ hose
      • Comes with 100′ x 3/4″ Flexzilla Inlet Hose
    • Titan 12″ Aluminum Hand Crank Soft Wash Reel
      • Holds max of 200′ of 1/2″ hose
      • Stainless Steel Manifold
      • Comes with 200′ x 1/2″ 600 PSI Soft Wash Hose
    • Tank Overflow Valve – 3/4″ water fill – stop water flow when tank is full and will continue to fill when water level drops
    • Heavy Duty T-Strainer Water Filter: for easy cleaning
    • 3/4″ Water Tank Drain with Valve to Outside of Trailer: Easy hand wash or bucket fill access
    • All Items Strategically Placed for Plenty of Access & Storage Space Inside Trailer
  • Cold Water Pressure Washer
    • 3000 PSI, 5.5 GPM
    • Honda GX390 Gas Engine, Electric Start
    • HD Belt Drive Triplex Comet Pump
    • 12v Battery & Battery Box
    • Downstream Soap Injection – Includes 20% adjustable, stainless steel injector
    • Cool Bypass Pump Protection –  protects the pressure washer pump from overheating when trigger is released
    • Bleeder Valve / Pump Primer – bleeds air out of incoming water hose for pressure washer, allowing for easy start-up & preventing pump damage
  • Soft Wash System
    • 12V Powered
    • 100 PSI / 7 GPM Diaphragm Pump
    • Accumulator Tank
    • Group 24 Marine Grade Battery With Box
    • Battery Charger/ Maintainer with 115V Plug For Easy Charging
    • Red Wash Down Gun OR Gun/Wand Assembly with JROD
    • Heavy Duty Tank Filter
  • Installation – installation of above components into trailer, including labor, additional plumbing, hardware, & fittings
  • Training – Operations, winterization, and safety & maintenance training provided at pick up.  Typically takes 30-90 minutes depending on the complexity of your build


Add On Options:

  • Flexible Cover Flooring: Protects wood floor of trailer from water  & harsh chemicals.  Slip resistant.  Gray diamond plate pattern.  A 3R exclusive option!
  • Interior Walls Painted White
  • Interior Flooring Painted Gray
  • Proportioner System – Includes 7 Gallon surfactant tank, wall mounted proportioner system, flush valve for bleach line, and all plumbing for installation.
  • Downstream Manifold:  Pull up to four different soaps or chemicals using your downstream soap injector through the pressure washer.  Each soap/chemical line plumbed with a ball valve to regulate which items you want to draw or have turned off.
  • Transfer Pump Kit: Transfer soap, chemical, or antifreeze to your individual tanks with 12v powered 5.5 GPM pump.  Can also be used to remove fluids for maintenance or winterizing.
  • Upgrade to 12V Powered Electric Rewind Hose Reels:  Roll up your hoses with the push of a button!  Upgrade your Titan hand crank hose reels to the convenient electric rewind hose Titan hose reels.  Includes additional group 24 battery, battery box, and installation.

*Photos shown include ALL of the add-on options.


**If you plan to finance a trailer unit or machinery, final transactions for those items must take place with a 3R associate, pending approval of your application.  All website transactions must be paid in full at checkout.  If you have any questions about the financing process or timelines, please call us at 330-753-8394 or at 800-824-8252.  Thank you!

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