TORNADO: Customizable 10′ Trailer – 5.5 GPM Washer, 12v Soft Wash

TORNADO: Customizable 10′ Trailer – 5.5 GPM Washer, 12v Soft Wash

TORNADO: Customizable 10′ Trailer – 5.5 GPM Washer, 12v Soft Wash


**Lead times may vary – standard production of a custom trailer unit takes two weeks.  Please call our office for the most accurate production time 330-753-8394.



  • 5×10′ Single Axle Open Trailer
  • Wood Decking
  • 2990# GWVR

Trailer Package:

  • 100 Gallon Water Tank with Hold Down Bands
  • 50 Gallon Chemical Tank with Hold Down Bands
  • Pre-Tank Water Filter & Post-Tank Water Filter
  • 1″ Water Tank Drain with Valve to Outside of Trailer: Easy hand wash or bucket fill access.
  • Water Tank Overflow Valve: shuts off your water supply when water tank is full, starts to fill your tank again once water level starts to drop.
  • Coxreel Inlet Hose Reel
    • Holds Max of 100′ x 3/4″ Inlet Hose
  • Coxreel High Pressure Hose Reel
    • Holds Max of 300′ x 3/8″ High Pressure Hose
  • 100′ x 3/8″ Gray 4000 PSI High Pressure Hose
  • 100′ x 3/4″ Flexzilla Inlet Hose

Pressure Washer:

  • Pressure Systems Innovations BK5530HC4221
  • 3000 PSI, 5.5 GPM
  • Belt Drive Comet Triplex Plunger Pump
  • Honda GX390 Engine
  • External Unloader
  • Aluminum Skid Frame
  • Cool Bypass Pump Protection System – prevents your pump from over heating when you are not pulling the trigger.
  • Adjustable Downstream Soap Injection – pulls from your 7 gallon soap tank and applies up to a 20% draw.
  • Pump Primer Valve – allows for easy start up and prevents pump damage by bleeding all the air out of your incoming water line.
  • Anti-Vibration Rubber Feet
  • 50’x 3/8″ High Pressure Hose
  • 5 Quick Connect Spray Nozzles
  • 36″ Gun/Wand Assembly
  • Thermal Relief

Soft Wash:

  • 12V, 7 GPM at 100 PSI Remco Fatboy Pump
  • Accumulator – Pulsation Dampener
  • NOCO 10amp Waterproof Battery Charger & Maintainer
  • NOCO Charger Port Accessible on Outside of Tool Box
  • Charge Meter – tells you how much battery life is remaining.
  • 18″ x 18″ x 24″ Diamond Plate Tool Box with Hinged Locking Door
  • Mounted Off/On Toggle Switch
  • Group 24 Battery Box
  • Vents Installed On Both Sides of Box Assembly
  • TITAN Aluminum Framed 12″ Hand-Crank Hose Reel with Stainless Steel Manifold
  • 200′ of 1/2″ Soft Wash Hose, Yellow, 600 PSI Rated
  • Polypropylene Gun & Wand Assy: Built completely with poly & stainless components. Features a 45 degree elbow for easier spray application. 1/4″ Stainless quick connect for changing nozzles sizes.
  • Stainless Steel JROD Nozzle Assy with 0 Deg, 15 Deg, 25 Deg & 40 Degree Spray Nozzles
  • Polypropylene Dip Stick Assembly with Filter and Check Valve – Easily switch from your chemical tank to water tank with simply moving the drip stick from tank to tank.
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet

*Add On Options:

  • Proportioner System – Includes 7 Gallon surfactant tank, wall mounted proportioner system, flush valve for bleach line, and all plumbing for installation. This option is pictured.
  • Chemical Resistant Diamond Plate Textured Flooring – This option is pictured.
  • 20″ Yellow Plastic BE Surface Cleaner
  • Driver Side Ladder Rack

Check out the 8′ version of the TORNADO here:

**If you plan to finance a trailer unit or machinery, final transactions for those items must take place with a 3R associate, pending approval of your application.  All website transactions must be paid in full at checkout.  If you have any questions about the financing process or timelines, please call us at 330-753-8394 or at 800-824-8252.  Thank you!

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