Hose Reel Adapter Kit for 3/4″ FPT Reels


**Pictures of fittings inserted into a hose reel are loosely threaded only to show where each fitting needs to be placed.  When actually installing, please use teflon tape and tighten fittings correctly.


This kit is capable of adapting a reel with 3/4″ FPT pipe on the manifold & 3/4″ pipe on the swivel to fit a garden hose on the reel, then plumb with either a 1″ line or 3/4″ line to the pressure washer or water tank.


  • (1) Brass 3/4″ Barb x 3/4″ MPT
  • (1) Brass 1″ Barb x 3/4″ MPT
  • (1) Brass 3/4″ Nipple
  • (1) Brass 3/4″ FGH (Female Garden Hose) x 3/4 FPT


  • Teflon tape recommended to install fittings
  • 3/4″ Nipple connects to the 3/4″ FGH x 3/4″ FPT fitting & installed on manifold pipe.  This will allow you to connect a garden hose with a 3/4″ MGH end.
  • Choose either the 3/4″ MPT x 3/4″ Barb  OR the 3/4″ MPT x 1″ Barb to connect to the hose reel swivel for plumbing to your pressure washer or water tank.


Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in