REMCO Fatboy Series 12v Soft Wash Pump- 100 PSI, 7 GPM: 5518-1I1-94A-B



  • Model: 5518-1I1-94A-B
  • Pressure Setting: 100 PSI
  • Open Flow: 7 GPM
  • Volts: 12VDC
  • Amps: 24 Max
  • Delivery: Demand
  • 3/4″ Quick Attach Female Ports
  • 140 Deg F Max Liquid Temp
  • Viton Valves
  • This pump is NOT listed for potable water use.


**You must flush out these pumps with a lot of clean water after each use.   ANY use of bleach products, or SH will VOID THE MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY on these products.