Sandblast Kit – Size 4.5



    • Designed for sandblasting of various surfaces
    • Remove most coatings down to white metal, grafitti clean up, and paint surface preparation
    • Experiment with the various pressures on your machine and the grade of sand to determine which will give the best results
    • Carbide tip
    • Maximum Flow: 8 GPM
    • Maximum Pressure: 3650 PSI
    • Maximum Temperature: 190 degrees F.
    • 24″ wand
    • 25 feet of polybraid hose
    • (1).Quick Connect 24″ Wand into your 1/4″ QC Socket at the end of your gun/wand assy. OR remove quick connect plug from 24″ wand & install male pipe thread into the outlet of trigger gun. If using teflon tape as a sealant, make sure to get no tape inside the pipe, as it may clog the high pressure water nozzle
    • (2). Insert the probe into bag, bucket, or pile of sand. MAKE CERTAIN THE OPPOSITE END OF THE SHORTER TUBE IS NOT COVERED BY SAND. This is a breather tube and performance will be affected dramatically if this tube is obstructed
    • (3). Turn adjustment knob fully clockwise for maximum sand flow

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 10 × 5 in