TruckGuard: Premium Wax Additive

TruckGuard: Premium Wax Additive

TruckGuard: Premium Wax Additive



TruckGuard Premium Wax Additive is a carnauba wax additive designed to be added to alkaline truck wash products to enhance post-wash shine and leave a binding layer of real carnauba wax on the surface of the vehicle following cleaning.

• Premium Carnauba Wax Additive

• Works With Most Alkaline Truck Wash Products

• Leaves A Binding Protective Shield

• Produces A Brilliant Shine


DIRECTION FOR USE: Add TruckGuard to most truck wash products at 1 to 3 gallons of TruckGuard per 55 gallon of truck wash. 1:54 ratio will achieve a noticeable gloss and wax finish. 3:52 ratio will achieve a premium level of gloss and wax finish. Use as part of normal cleaning process. Ensure product is rinsed fully following use.

Size: 5 Gallon Bucket.  Can be custom ordered in larger quantities.