Under Carriage Cleaner – 4″ Wheels

Under Carriage Cleaner – 4″ Wheels

Under Carriage Cleaner – 4″ Wheels


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Are you tired of salt from snowy winters, dirt and debris from work sites, or mud and muck from off-roading sitting on the undercarriage of your vehicle?  This under carriage cleaner is just what you need!  This accessory hooks right up to your pressure washer hose and has 4 nozzles on a 4-arm rotary that spin at high-speed to efficiently clean the under side of your vehicle.  This model has three, 4″ wheels that make pushing it under your vehicle or equipment a breeze.  Want to see a quick video of this kind of unit in action?


  • Convenient trigger location for less fatigue
  • Powder coat paint
  • Low-profile, heavy duty swivel
  • 0° and 15° nozzles on stainless steel arms
    • (2) 0° nozzles
    • (2) 15° nozzles
    • stainless steel arms for corrosion resistance
  • Adjustable handle length for the operators ease-of-use
  • Pull pin pivot handle allows the handle to be lowered for further reach under the vehicle
  • 4″ Hard rubber wheels provide maneuverability while allowing low clearance
  • Bumper guard and skid plate – protects both the rotating arms as well as the object you are cleaning


  • Max PSI: 4000 PSI
  • Max Temp: 250° F
  • Approximately a 24″ Cleaning Area
  • Requires 5 ½” Vehicle Clearance
  • Long Handle Length: 33.5″ – 60″

Additional information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 26 × 11 in