VIPER: Customizable 2021 Mercedes High Top Sprinter Van Installation – 8 GPM Hot Pressure Washer & 11 GPM Gas Engine Soft Wash


Choose as few or as many of these add-on options to your trailer as you’d like! The pictures on this listing include ALL of the add-on products listed.

**Lead times may vary – standard production of a custom install takes two weeks.  Please call our office for the most accurate production time 330-753-8394.


Hot Water Pressure Washer:

  • 3500 PSI, 7.8 GPM
  • Honda GX690 Engine with Electric Key Start
  • V-Belt Drive General brand Triplex Plunger Pump
  • Stainless Steel Frame & Panels
  • Gas Driven, Diesel Fired
  • Adjustable Temp to 200° F
  • 12v Burner
  • Schedule 80 Coil
  • 8 Gallon Gas & Diesel Fuel Tanks
  • Downstream Soap Injection
  • Bleeder Valve/Pump Primer

Soft Wash System:

  • 300 PSI, 11 GPM
  • Honda GX160 Gas Engine
  • Electric Start
  • Engine Oil Drain Hose
  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Skid Frame
  • Anti-Vibration Rubber Isolators
  • Featuring the Comet P40 Pump
    • Chemical Resistant Wet Parts Compatible with Aggressive Soft Wash Chemicals
    • Single Piece Manifold For Reduced Leak Points & Quick Service
    • Increased Flow and Pressure (11 GPM @ 300 PSI)
    • Molded Inserts That Cannot Come Loose
    • Bolt-On Regulator To Prevent Leaks When Adjusting Pressure Knob
    • Aluminum Head Plates To Prevent Flexing of the Heads
    • Metal Oil Cup For Impact Resistance
  • Proportioner System for Soft Wash:
    • Pull water, surfactant, and sodium hypochlorite without the need for batch mixing
    • Easily change solution ratios
    • Hi-Flow metering valves: no stress on pump and greater spray distance
    • Second soap valve optional
    • Flush Valve
    • Includes 16 gallon surfactant tank
    • Custom fabricated brackets for mounting
  • 55 Gallon S/H Tank
  • High Flow Rear Entry Red Wash Down Gun

Install Package:

  • (2) 48″ x 48″ Aluminum Pallets – to allow for easy install and removal of components
  • 200 Gallon Water Tank
    • Tank Overflow Valve – 3/4″ water fill – stop water flow when tank is full and will continue to fill when water level drops
    • Tank Drain – 1″ drain hose with ball valve that drains to passenger side or rear of truck
    • Heavy Duty Water Tank Filter – to help keep debris out of your equipment
    • Garden Hose Fitting for Easy Connection of Inlet Hose
    • Heavy Duty Hold-Down Bands
  • Cool Bypass System for Pressure Washer – protects the pressure washer pump from overheating when trigger is released.
  • Titan Aluminum High Pressure Hose Reel
    • 1/2″ Stainless Steel Manifold
    • Holds max of 300′ of 3/8″ hose
    • 200′ High Pressure Hose, Gray, 1WB, 4200 PSI
    • Includes Locking Pin
    • Quick Connect Fitting Installed On Reel: to secure hose while in-transit
  • Titan Aluminum Inlet Hose Reel
    • Stainless Steel Manifold
    • Holds max of 100′ of 3/4″ hose
    • 100′ Flexzilla Inlet Hose
    • Includes Locking Pin
    • Quick Connect Fitting Installed On Reel: to secure hose while in-transit
  • Titan Aluminum Soft Wash Hose Reel:
    • Stainless Steel Manifold
    • Holds max of 200′ x 1/2″ hose
    • Includes 200′ x 1/2″, 600 PSI yellow soft wash hose
    • Includes Locking Pin
    • Quick Connect Fitting Installed On Reel: to secure hose while in-transit
  • (2) Titan Stack Brackets & Additional Custom Fabricated Supports – to stack reels 3 high & ensure stability when the vehicle is in motion.
  • 7 Gallon Soap Tank
  • Transfer Pump Kit:  Transfer soap, chemical, or antifreeze to your individual tanks with 12v powered 7 GPM pump.  Can also be used to remove fluids for maintenance or winterizing.


Add On Options (all pictured in listing photos):

  • Remote Rinse System for Gas Engine Soft Wash (installation included): From a distance, you can flush out your soft wash system completely, or switch from pulling SH to water with the push of a button!
  • Chemical Resistant Protective Flooring: upgrade from painted floors to our protective floor covering.  Protects wood floor of trailer from water & harsh chemicals.  Slip Resistant.  Gray Diamond plate pattern.  A 3R exclusive option!
  • EZ Winterize System – quickly and easily winterize your whole system to protect against freezing.  Comes with 20 gallon tank for antifreeze.
  • Upgrade Titan Hand Crank Hose Reels to the Convenient Electric Rewind Titan Hose Reels: Includes additional group 24 battery, battery box and installation.


Check out the video we did for this custom build below!


*This install fits into a 2021 Mercedes High Top Transit Van.  For installs in vans that do not have the same dimensions as this style, please contact our Build Team at 330-753-8394 for a custom quote!

**If you plan to finance a trailer unit or machinery, final transactions for those items must take place with a 3R associate, pending approval of your application.  All website transactions must be paid in full at checkout.  If you have any questions about the financing process or timelines, please call us at 330-753-8394 or at 800-824-8252.  Thank you!