RAVEN : Customizable 48″x48″ Aluminum Pallet Assembly – 3000 PSI, 5.5 GPM Cold Pressure Washer & 12v Soft Wash System

RAVEN : Customizable 48″x48″ Aluminum Pallet Assembly – 3000 PSI, 5.5 GPM Cold Pressure Washer & 12v Soft Wash System

RAVEN : Customizable 48″x48″ Aluminum Pallet Assembly – 3000 PSI, 5.5 GPM Cold Pressure Washer & 12v Soft Wash System


Please chose any of the following upgrade or options for your build. For more detail on some of these options, please check the bottom of the listing.

Finance payments as low as $340/mo!  Click here for more information.

  • Lead times vary, but generally can be completed within 2-3 weeks.  Please contact the office at 330-753-8394 for current lead times.


The options are endless with these Aluminum Pallet Assemblies!  Great for installation in truck beds, vans, flatbeds, and more, these skid assemblies help minimize the amount of products being secured directly into your vehicle, and make a great use of space.  Another bonus is the entire base is constructed of chemical-resistant aluminum, helping to extend the life of the assembly.  These are an excellent option for those who want a compact set-up for getting into congested areas, someone who doesn’t want to pull a trailer, serving as an secondary or backup system,  or for someone who wants a system that can be easily moved from vehicles down the road.


Included in the RAVEN PACKAGE: 

  • 48″x48″ Aluminum Pallet Base
    • 55 Gallon Water Tank
      • Tank Overflow Valve – 3/4″ water fill – stop water flow when tank is full and will continue to fill when water level drops
      • Tank Drain – 3/4″ drain hose with ball valve that drains to rear of truck
      • Heavy Duty Water Tank Filter
  • 3000 PSI, 5.5 GPM Cold Water Pressure Washer
    • Belt Drive Comet Triplex Plunger Pump
    • Honda GX390 Engine
    • External Unloader
    • Thermal Relief
    • Skid Frame w/Rubber Isolators
  • Cool Bypass for Pressure Washer – protects the pressure washer pump from overheating when trigger is released
  • Downstream Soap Injection for the Pressure Washer – Hi-Flow, 20% Adjustable
  • 12v Soft Wash System
      • 100 PSI, 7 GPM Remco Diaphragm Pump
      • 200′ x 1/2″ of Yellow Soft Wash Hose – Max 600 PSI
      • Accumulator Tank
      • On/Off Toggle Switch
      • *Deep Cycle Battery & Battery Box
      • NOCO Battery Charger
      • 55 Gallon Bleach Tank -with custom fabricated, heavy-duty hold-down bands
      • Gun/Wand Assembly with JROD
      • Dipstick Assembly for SH Line – allows for transfer of chemicals
      • Heavy Duty Tank Filter
      • Soft Wash Proportioner:
        • Solid Heavy Duty Manifold
        • Chemical Resistant Bleach Metering Valve
        • Water Metering Valve
        • Surfactant Metering Valve
        • Includes: 7 Gal surfactant tank, hardware, plumbing, and installation
      • All Mounted On 24’x24′ Diamond Plate
  • Hose Reels – Installed on an elevated aluminum stand:
    • Soft Wash Reel – Titan 1/2″ x 200′ Max – Aluminum 12″ Barrel – 1/2″ Swivel
      • Comes with 200′ x 1/2″ yellow soft wash hose installed on reel
    • Pressure Washer Reel – Titan 3/8″ x 300′ Max – Aluminum 12″ Barrel – 1/2″ Swivel – Stainless Steel Manifold
      • Comes with the 200′ x 3/8″ gray hose installed on reel
  • ***Approximate Weight (with empty tanks): 480lbs
  • ***Approximate Overall Dimensions: 52″x52″x57″

Add-On Options Available:

  • 5.5 GPM Aluminator Long Range Spray Nozzle
  • 20″ Stainless Steel Surface Cleaner
  • 100 Gallon Loaf Tank Connected to 55 Gallon Water Tank: perfect for if your water source is lacking.  Makes for a total of 155 gallons of water being held by your system.
  • Upgrade to Electric Start On Pressure Washer: includes the additional battery, wiring, and installation.
  • Add a Scaltrol Water Filter: helps protect your system from debris & minerals in your water supply, discoloration of your tanks, and growth inside of your tanks.  Includes instllation.
  • Add a Remote Control Downstream Soap Injection System: turn your soap on and off from a distance with the push of a button!  Added bonus that when switched to rinse mode, your injector and lines are being rinsed.  Includes installation.


Benefits of The Eagle Package:

  • Pressure Washer: 
    • Clean siding, driveways, sidewalks, decks, vehicles, and more
    • 5.5 GPM flow will help you get jobs done faster, and increasing your spray height, allow you to do more jobs in one day
    • Belt driven pumps run at a lower RPM than direct drive pumps.  This reduces wear and extends the lifespan of your equipment
      • All triplex plunger pumps come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty
    • Commercial duty Honda engines are widely recognized as reliable, heavy-duty, and come with a a 3 year factory warranty
    • Cool Bypass System also helps extend the life of your pump and saving you from costly repairs
    • Soft wash siding with a low pressure soap nozzle (DO NOT use a pressure washer under any circumstance on a ROOF)
  • Hose Reels:
    • Highly sought after Titan hose reels
    • Full aluminum frames with stainless steel manifolds for the ultimate corrosion resistance
    • Heavy duty swivels installed on each reel
  • Soft Wash System:
    • Provides the ability to clean a roof safely at 100 PSI, 7 GPM
    • High performance Fatboy Remco Pump has the highest output of any on-demand 12V soft wash pump on the market (100 PSI, 7 GPM)
    • High Quality proportioner system allows for you to accurately meter the amount of water, surfactant, and SH you draw through your system
    • NOCO battery charger quickly charges your system and also serves as a battery tender/maintainer for periods of non-use.  Also has an easy-to-read display for the battery level.
    • Dipstick assembly allows for a fast & easy transfer of chemicals from one medium to another
  • Assembly:
    • Compact set-up
    • Easy to move in and out of vehicles
    • Only securing one piece of equipment to your vehicle versus several pieces
    • Aluminum pallet is corrosion resistant – extends the life of your build and adds to the aesthetics
    • Professional Assembly – with over 27 years of experience building mobile wash equipment, we can put together a compact, high-functioning, long-lasting rig that looks great, too!
    • All items for builds are IN STOCK –  no waiting for pieces and parts to come in.
    • All equipment is top-of-the-line commercial-grade equipment.  We don’t cut corners – we build rigs to last.
    • Custom fabricated bands and brackets give builds a high-functioning ability, and sleek look
  • Other Benefits:
    • These pallet assemblies can be shipped!
    • They have high profit potential – less time setting up and tearing down on a job site means more time available to book more jobs!


  1. Battery not included if assembly is being shipped- you will need a deep cycle battery.
  2. Installation of the pallet assembly into your vehicle is not included.  Please contact us at 330-753-8394 for pricing on this service.  Service only available at our Barberton, OH location.
  3. Weights and overall dimensions are subject to change.  For questions, please contact the office at 330-753-8394.
  4. Lead times may vary– standard production of a custom skid unit takes one-two weeks.  Please call our office for the most accurate production time 330-753-8394.
  5. If you plan to finance a unit or machinery, final transactions for those items must take place with a 3R associate, pending approval of your application.  All website transactions must be paid in full at checkout.  If you have any questions about the financing process or timelines, please call us at 330-753-8394 or at 800-824-8252.  Thank you!


Check out another RAVEN skid we built with the remote downstream soap injection, additional 100 gallon water tank, scaltrol system, and electric start pressure washer here

Additional information

Weight 555 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 52 × 60 in



Pressure Washer





Soft Wash System

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