Pretreatment Systems – WTA Series

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Quality pretreatment of wash water is important for all water treatment systems.  The WTA Series pretreatment system can be added to any water treatment system for effective removal of solids prior to recycling.  Optional custom biological units are available within the BIO series family to satisfy specific application needs.  These set-ups offer your choice of 300-gallon or 600-gallon tanks.

***Different models will include different parts.  The base model includes the 300 or 600-gallon tank and a tank stand, and the most premium model includes the 300 or 600-gallon tank, tank stand, coalescing main media frame, coalescing side media frame, peristaltic pump, aeration pump, and mazzei venturi injector.  

Accessories and Options:

  • Coagulation System – The optional coagulation system is used in heavy solid removal applications.  It helps dirt and solids settle for easy removal.  The system includes:
    • Inlet plumbing to WTA tank
    • Flow control valve
    • Flow meter
    • Flow switch and manual switch for pump control
    • Adjustable diaphragm chemical pump with injection fittings and chemical hose with strainer
    • Mixing tube
    • Sampling valve
  • Leg Extensions – Available upon request
  • Floating Media – Ideal for tanks with small openings, greater gestation
  • Mazzei Venturi Injector – Used for aeration
  • Connection Plumbing – Connects the plumbing between multiple tanks
  • Inlet Plumbing for Tanks – Bulkhead fittings
  • Outlet Plumbing for Tanks – Bulkhead fittings
  • Replacement Media – Replacement coalescing media
  • Replacement High Solids Media – Replacement coalescing media
  • Electric Dump Valve
  • Pinch Valve Assembly – bladder style – used on cone bottom tanks
  • pH Control System – For when pH adjustment is needed
  • Hour Meter – Displays the number of hours the unit has been in operation
  • Dual pH Control System – For when pH adjustment is needed.  Will adjust pH levels up and down, has dual set points
  • Heater – Promotes heat for microbes, powered from main box, additional 20A required