Clarifier and Oil/Water Separators – WCL Series

Clarifier and Oil/Water Separators – WCL Series

Clarifier and Oil/Water Separators – WCL Series

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A clarifier acts as a form of pretreatment in many systems and the cone bottom design allows for a greater settling of accumulated solids.  These concentrated impurities, often referred to as sludge, will settle in the bottom of the tank for easy removal.  Pretreatment makes it easier for waste water treatment systems to process water with many of the solids already removed.


  • A choice between a 300-gallon or 600-gallon cone-shaped tank for effective settling and easy handling of solids.
  • Solids separation chamber with bag filter and decanting.
  • Oil skimmer and decanter for easy handling of oil.
  • CSA approved control panel which meets the requirements of the US and Canadian standards for an Industrial Control Panel.
  • 1.0 HP surface-mount sump pump.


  • Treated-water storage tank – 80-gallons or 165 gallons – for transferring water to the next process or point of discharge
  • Mezzanine stand – for convenient access to the oil skimmer and to the top portion of the tank (only fits 0-30 GPM models)

Process and Flow Description:

  1. Clarifier Tank – A 300-gallon or 600-gallon cone-shaped clarifier settles solids.  Free-floating oils are removed via a suspended oil-skimmer.  Model WCL-30D-0M10 has 425 sqft of oil coalescing media to help capture mechanically emulsified oil.
  2. Electrical Control Panel – CSA listed NEMA-4 rated corrosion-proof control panel for safe and reliable operation. (Standard on WCL-30D-0M10).
  3. Corona Discharge Ozone Injection – For odor control and breaking emulsified oils, the WCL-30D-0M10 comes with a corona discharge ozone generator.  The ozone generator has an output of 0.5 grams per hour of ozone for a “quick kill” of live bacteria on contact.  Ozone also breaks up emulsified oils, allowing them to coalesce and float to the top of the tank for separation into the oil decanter.
  4. Treated-Water Holding Tank (Accessory) – Treated-water holding tank for transferring water to the next process point of discharge.
  5. Solids Separation Chamber – Solids from the wastewater stream settle at the base of the clarifier tank.  With the opening of a single valve, solids are easily dropped into a bag filter in the solids separation chamber for effective capture and easy disposal.  The bag filter is suspended on a dewatering tray with drainage returning to the in-ground collection pits.
  6. Surface-Mount Sump Pump – Untreated wash water is introduced into the system via a 1.0 HP surface-mount sump pump, which is included with the system.
  7. Oil Decanter – Oil skimmed from the surface of the clarifier tank is captured in a conveniently located oil decanter.  Oil can be easily removed for appropriate disposal.
  8. Mezzanine Stand (Accessory) – A maintenance ladder and platform is available for the WCL-30 Series for convenient access to the oil skimmer and to the top portion of the tank.


*** 0-10 GPM & 0-30 GPM Models available***


The WCL Series is perfect for the following applications:

  • Rental Yards
  • Golf Courses
  • Heavy Equipment Dealers
  • Trucking Facilities
  • Military Bases
  • Truck Rental Fleets
  • Diesel Repair Facilities
  • Forklift Washing Operations
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Restoration
  • Shipyards
  • Municipalities/ State DOTs
  • Oil Fields
  • Engine Rebuilders and Manufacturers


The Importance of a Proper Pit System

  • Once equipment is washed, the untreated wash water flows into your pit system.  A proper pit system for your application is the first step in proper wash water treatment an a critical element in any wash water recycle system.  Please contact us at 330-753-8394 to determine the pit system configuration that works best for your application.

Flow rate, clarifier tank, oil coalescing area, power requirements, and weight/dimensions vary depending on which model is best for your application.  Please contact our office at 330-753-8394 so we can help determine which best fits your needs.